Understand Google algorithms 구글 SEO업체.

구글 SEO업체
구글 SEO업체

Understand Google algorithms 구글 SEO업체.

When I first looked for a way to expose the website on google’s first page, I mistakenly thought that if I knew someone from Google 구글 SEO업체 or someone on google’s staff, I had the authority to move up and down the rankings at will. That was when Google didn’t recognize that it was a computer. But knowing that Google algorithms are unthinkable and readable computer equations, I found a Google algorithm and the answer I found was in a Google patent. When Google patents were created, Google’s search bar
You can see how Google search results are printed. Understanding how Google ranks and ranks webpages will make you sure that google’s top impressions are predictable, which not only reduces the risk and uncertainty about ads but also allows you to advertise at a lower price. Check out the google patent via the link below, and the basic algorithm is actually simple.

Google Patent: US6285999B1 – Method for node ranking in a linked database
Google founder Larry Page has evolved his current Google search engine based on the above patents. Here are the keyword words used, based on the patent data:

  • Link / Rank / Quality of Result
  • Backlink / Hyperlink
  • Hypertext Structure
  • Bookmark / Location
  • Human Behavior
  • Anchor Text

You might think something is too difficult because it’s in English and you’ve used a computer language you don’t know. Simply explaining the contents of the Google patent and understanding the picture on the next page will make it easier to understand. To measure the relevance or reliability of the information that a robot called Google thinks is similar to measuring a person’s reliability.

For example, Nara is the first person I don’t know and I’m like, “I’m an SEO expert.” If you’ve introduced me, I would say that I’d know in front of people, but I’d have less trust in them. Because you can use anything for yourself, you’ll have less trust. However, if a friend I’ve known for a long time tells a friend about me, “This guy is an SEO expert.” If I had been adjective, the trust would be more than I introduced to someone I didn’t know. Because I was introduced by a friend who was already related to me. If you understand the above, google rankings are similar. Depending on how much and what the website is introduced or typed, Google will determine and print the reliability.

Just as people introduce themsés in words, websites are introduced through “anchor text” and “links,” and anchor texts easily talk about buttons that we can click on on the website. However, it is a link expressed in writing, not an image. These links are sometimes expressed as Backlinks or Hyperlinks. This means that if you know a lot of websites that introduce you to your website, and many websites know how to introduce your website, a robot called Google will be highly trusted by Google 구글 SEO업체.