How to Build Backlinks For Your Small Business’s Website


That’s why you’ve researched keywords, found some effective long tail phrases, checked the presence of local competition websites and networks, wrote great content for your website, and put it all on the web.

How do you?

Here you can sit and look at the phone, right? Well, no. If you find some effective keywords and phrases and submit your website to search engines, you will start seeing some traffic. That’s the quick and easy part.

If you want to maintain a high ranking in search engines and build good network influence for your website, then you need to do a few small things and create some backlinks for your website.

What is a backlink?

Well, you can actually think of it as a vote of confidence or a recommendation from a third party. When other websites, blogs, directories, articles or web pages link to you, Google and other search engines will see this link and take it into account when calculating their search results.

The more backlinks your website has, the more powerful your website will be displayed to search engines. The more powerful your website is displayed in search engines, the higher the ranking of your competitors.

But I just built my website with no links.

It’s OK. The key to creating backlinks is that you don’t need 100 new backlinks overnight. You just want to stabilize over time and backlink consistently. This is called organic growth. If you have 15 new backlinks to your website every week, you will soon be able to build a very good online image and it will be difficult for your competitors to top your excellent ranking in search engines.

How do you build backlinks?

There are many ways to build them. Shoot, you can even hire people to build backlinks for you. However, if you create 2 new backlinks every day you will get an average of 15 new backlinks a week, as I said, this is a good goal to build strong network influence.


Article marketing is a great way to increase the quality of website traffic and establish website backlinks. The idea is this: write a short article (300 to 500 words) on a topic related to your business. Assuming you’re an electrician, you can write an article on installing a new ceiling fan or rewiring a garage or other electrical information that consumers may find helpful.

Make sure to include one or two links to your website or specific pages on your website in your article. It is best to use certain keywords and phrases that you target on your website as anchor text.

Submit the article in the article directory. There are actually hundreds of articles on the internet, in fact there could be thousands of article directories. Most can be submitted for free, and some can even pay you for the original content. One of my favorites is also the most popular EzineArticles. This is literally one of the many emails on the Internet. After submitting the article to the directory, they will publish the article and then search engines will fetch your article and find a link back to your website so that your website has a greater advantage in the eyes of search engines.

Submitting an article to the article directory is perhaps the most time-consuming method of establishing backlinks, but it is also one of the more meaningful methods as the link itself will drive targeted traffic to your website, which can translate into paying customers.


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