5 Simple SEO WordPress Techniques


In this post, you will learn the best tips for WordPress search engine optimization. The most powerful traffic generation software to use is WordPress. However, some small business owners do not think it is a difficult application to use WordPress. But it’s not, it’s not. WordPress is really easy to learn and in a matter of minutes you can run a WordPress blog.

Now while the search engines love WordPress blogs, you do need to learn some key points in search engine optimization to find your blog posts on the Site. And to carry out these basic SEO tactics for your blog, you must not be an SEO expert. You just need a little experience and the will to apply what you study and see results.


Here are 5 basic techniques of WordPress SEO


1 – PERMALINKS: WordPress will produce a regular URL, a question mark followed by numbers when creating a new page or article. If you use this raw link, it is difficult for the spiders of the search engine to connect to it. This means that the site is not specified in the directories. A special permalink code is therefore required to prevent this. The code should be put in your WordPress admin custom permalinks folder. Just go to ‘settings,’ then ‘permalinks,’ select ‘custom’ and set this code to: /% post id%, percent postname% and press Save. You now have a URL with whatever keyword you assign to it when making your message, rather than a long ugly URL.


2 – TITLES: When making postings for your blog, make sure you put the keyword you use in the title of your article. As the Spiders read from left to right, you can first add your keyword and then your blog title. Let’s say for example, your keyword is “best search engine optimization tips” write down your title to appear as follows: “Best Search Engine Optimization Tips: 5 Simple SEO WordPress Techniques” Start the title with your keyword always and then add your actual title. And try creating interesting titles to inspire your target readers to click on your message.


3 – BODY: When you compose your content for your blog post, make sure you start with your selected keyword in your first paragraph. Then, as you begin to compose, just apply your selected keyword to the article 3 times. Don’t over do it because it looks spammy and it doesn’t like the search engines.


4 – TAGES: On the right side of your message, WordPress has a section called TAGS. Here’s where you’ll put your blog keywords. The best thing you can do is to put only 2 or 3 keywords. Anything else can confuse spiders when the content is indexed. The first keyword tag should be the keyword in your title. For instance, if your keyword is “Best Search Engine Optimization Tips” then that should be the first TAG keyword. And two other keywords could be “Best SEO Tips” and “Simple SEO WordPress Techniques” Again, just make sure it’s important for your message.


5 – SERVICES OF PING: Using ping services like pingomatic.com or pingoat.com you can send the search engine signals to tell them that your site has new content posted. When you inform them, they submit spiders to your site for the purpose of indexing your contents accordingly.

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