How to Check DA and PA Blogs for SEO Purposes


In 2014, Google announced that it was no longer using PageRank to determine website SEO rankings. Of course this announcement made a scene among SEOs at that time, plus John Muller, who became the center of attention of SEO masters in the world, announced that “We might not update it (PageRank) further”.

Not long after that the website immediately removed the PageRank toolbar. Because PageRank is dead, now the SEO standards for websites are the Domain Authority and Website Page Authority. DA PA can be a standard to determine a quality blog website or not. The higher the value, the better the quality of a website.

DA and PA are other alternatives that can replace PageRank as a metric to determine the quality of a website. Now for more details about the discussion of what DA and PA are, please refer to the following explanation.

What is DA

How to Check DA PA

Domain Authority or what is called DA is a reference made by search engines to rank websites or blogs. The greater the DA ranking you have, the better it is to compete on the Google search engine. Usually a scale is given from the numbers 1 to 100.

There are 3 things that determine the high and low DA score of a website or blog, here is the discussion:

1. Age Domain

The older the domain, the DA ranking will increase as well. But with a blog note that you always do regular updates of quality content. Therefore, a high DA shows that the website is consistent so that Google has the right to provide a high score which has the effect of easier ranking on the search page.

2. Domain Popularity

The more popular your website is, it can be seen from the number of incoming links coming from quality websites. What should be noted is the quality of the incoming links, not the quantity. Links that go to your website can be called inbound links or better known as backlinks.

The easy way to get backlinks is by creating quality content, so that many websites or blogs recommend your website on search engines. Another solution you can do a guest post on a quality website and has the same discussion as your website category.

3. Domain Size

The size of the domain here is seen from the amount of quality content that you have published. The more it means that the bigger the size of the website domain you have. So you need to allocate funds for quality content investment needs.

So, from these three things, search engines, especially Google, will determine how much the Domain Authority score of the website / blog that you manage. Domain Authority is one of the many metrics that search engines use to determine how qualified a domain is.

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What is PA

When you hear the term Domain Authority, it is usually followed by Page Authority. Then what exactly is Page Authority the same as Domain Authority? The answer is not the same. Page Authority is a search engine’s assessment of how quality a page is. If the DA that is checked is the entire domain, then the PA that is checked is only the page. A simple example of DA is a hotel and PA is the room. So both of them are a unit, usually you can find many lower DA scores compared to PA on the website.

How to check DA and PA

For those of you who are still confused about how to check DA and PA blogs, you don’t need to worry because it’s very easy. There are several websites that you can use to check the DA PA website, here is the list:

Please follow the DA and PA check tutorial below, we give an example by using the website from because it is on the top page of the search. Here’s how:

Open the website
  • Then scroll down and find the ” Page Authority Checker ” menu .
  • After the dashboard opens, please enter the domain that you will check DA and PA.
DA PA Checker
  • After that select “I’m not a robot” and select “Check”
  • Please see the results what the DA and PA domain score you checked. We give an example with the domain with the results of DA 77 and PA 63 scores. Apart from that, there are many other SEO metrics .
How to Check DA and PA Blogs for SEO Purposes 6
  • Done

So how easy is it not a way to check DA and PA blogs? For those of you who are looking for an expired domain, you can first check the DA and PA scores that are owned before buy it

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