How To SEO WordPress – A Few Simple And Free Techniques


One of the major reasons why WordPress is so successful as a blogging site is that it’s mostly easy to find. But you can still do stuff to boost it and reach higher rankings.

Before you even think of SEO, make sure that you concentrate your posts and pages on the right keywords and phrases. It means choosing terms that are not too common. Keyphrases of one or two words are very hard to rate, so go ‘long tail’ and find sentences with a low level of competition for the searches.


Turning to the practicality of SEO WordPress, you can log into your WordPress dashboard and change the settings of permalinks.


The default creates a URL post consisting of a number string and does not disclose the topic of your post to the search engines. What is needed is that the URL is in your site/postname format.


Click on ‘Settings’ in the left-hand menu and then on ‘Permalinks,’ then pick the ‘Custom Structure’ heading under the Common Settings heading and enter /percent postname percent /. Finally, don’t forget to click on “Save Changes.”


There are a range of free plug-ins available to enhance your SEO blog and one of the most common is the ‘All in One SEO’ pack. To get it, click on ‘Add New.’ You can then either type ‘All In One SEO Pack’ in the search box, or click ‘Common’ and it should be in the top returns.


I highly suggest the ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ plugin that will help search engine spiders display and quickly index the entire site structure.




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