Leveraging Backlinks For Fast Traffic


The internet is a messy place. Millions of websites, billions of articles and 15 advertisements everywhere. How can you lure people worldwide to your website without launching a multimillion dollar ad campaign? Simple: use backlinks.

Backlinks are links that you post on blogs, message boards, your own content, etc. These links can invite people to return to your website. Backlinks are important for two reasons: (A) They allow people to find you; (B) The more external links to your website, the higher the position of Google in the search results and the more often you will be rewarded.

Backlinks are simple in design, but can be complicated to use. If you misuse them, they can even make you go further in Google!

1.) Provide backlinks on your social networking sites. It seems easy, but many people doubt it. Maybe it’s because they want to separate business and friendship. It’s OK. But why not post it on your website and use the Facebook wall backlink to link to it instead of emailing new jokes to your friends? This way, it can spread quickly across many pages (without emailing), pushing you to Google and generating website traffic. Note: don’t do this often. And don’t add friends everywhere just as an excuse to send them links.

2) Write articles on sites such as eHow, Bukisa, HubPages, Xomba and many more. Then provide a quick link to your website. I did it. After the work was completed for a long time, people kept pouring into my website all over the internet.

3.) Create a real win-win by linking to your article. Sites such as Digg, Propeller and SheToldMe.com allow you to post summaries and links. (In addition, SheToldMe shares ad revenue). Linking your articles from these sites will drive them into Google. Your website is also accessible by means of an extension.

4.) Make your website unique. When people know you, they will talk about you! You get backlinks for free. Word of mouth is your most powerful ad. People don’t say anything about your own website – they are more likely to trust others.

5.) Backlinks when commenting on blogs, newspapers and other websites. Some websites have an open policy for this, some don’t. View the terms of use for each site. Places like Yahoo! Message boards can be a good place for backlinks. However, don’t respond just to give yourself a link, and don’t spam. You can make people angry. They can report to you if they do this. You may eventually be removed from the search engine

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