Google SEO업체 마케팅 101

Nice to meet you all. Welcome to Google SEO업체 마케팅 101. I sincerely hope that through the contents I share with you through this book, you can learn how to make money on the Internet by understanding and using the working principle of a search engine website called Google.

SEO업체 마케팅
SEO업체 마케팅

Google is a search website that many people visit to search for information. It is an information search engine that exposes keyword-related website information as a search result when you search for the desired word, or “keyword,” in the search box.
In 2021, many people in Korea will search for a lot of content through Naver, but Google is the world’s largest search engine website, occupying more than 80% of the global search engine market share. I think you will experience that the usage of Google in Korea, as well as the world, is increasing, and the amount of searches through YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, is also increasing.

What is Google SEO업체 마케팅?
First, let me explain what Google SEO is. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and is expressed in Korean as “Search Engine Optimization”.
Simply put, you can think of it as optimizing your website so that it appears at the top of the Google search bar.

Growing Google SEO Demand
So, how can Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) help your business? First of all, the problem with any business is finding guests.
Advertisement is available for free through SEO technology to many people who find information through Google. For websites targeting Korea, Google is a growing platform compared to Naver.
In particular, the interest in Google SEO has increased because Google is a good platform for business people targeting overseas.
In addition, since Google is more predictable and the ranking is determined in a fair way, many people who used to run top-exposed online advertisements through Naver also prefer SEO advertisements through Google because of Naver’s unpredictably changing logic. is also increasing.

Pros and Cons of Google SEO업체 마케팅
The advantage is that it is free advertising when it appears high in Google searches. Unlike Google PPC paid advertisements, free advertisements are the biggest advantage because they are exposed without paying an advertisement fee to Google.
The downside is that, unlike paid ads, it takes time to be exposed to Google. Please use it as a channel for online advertising by honing the technical parts that are exposed to the top.
Through this book, I will share with you how to get top exposure on the first page when you enter keywords into the Google search box and search Google Search Engine Optimization, and Google SEO업체 마케팅 and Search Engine Optimization methods in English.
I hope that it will be a precious time for Korea to learn how to advertise or expose your business for free through Google, which is now used by many people.