On-Page SEO: Website Optimization for Search Engines


On-Page SEO: Website Optimization for Search Engines

On-Page SEO is a way of optimizing pages and website content for search engines so that our website is liked by search engines and is on the first page of search engines. A search engine will like a website that has relevant and quality content so that visitors feel at home for a long time on the website.

As for how to optimize a website with On-Page SEO are as follows:

Page Title 

The title is the Audience‚Äôs main attraction to click through to your page. Make sure every page of your website has a unique title and consists of the main keywords you want.

Meta description 

Meta descriptions are 1-2 sentences that will appear in search results. Description of the page title that has been created. Make it relevant and enter additional keywords that you want.

Meta Tags

Enter many keywords that are relevant to your content on each page.

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Short URL

Use a URL that is short and contains keywords as this will affect the ranking of the website in search engines.

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Relevant Keyword 

Put a few keywords or a keyword phrase in your content that are relevant to the main keywords so that search engines will consider your main keywords very important.

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Interesting Pictures

Add pictures or photos so that your website looks attractive and not boring. The image used must also be relevant to the content and compress the image so that the size is not too large.

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Internal links are used to reduce the bounce rate, ie visitors leave your website directly without doing anything. With Internal Links, visitors can easily visit other pages on your website.

Website Loading Speed

Visitors are more comfortable with websites that have short loading . The number of files , page size, theme and quality  can affect the loading time of your website.


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